Balance in Being
is an innovative, integrated & practical approach to holistic healthcare,
enabling you to better manage life’s
demands, pressures & challenges.



Balance in Being is about you now. It is about your energy, your wellbeing: the awareness of you in the here & now, living with presence in the present, living your life to the full with commitment & celebration.

There is no need to over-extend or battle with yourself or others daily, to reach such nervous debility & exhaustion that you may burn out; or to live a life so out of balance that you have lost sight of simple pleasures; or to feel overwhelmed, depleted & stuck. ....And so
Balance in Being enables you to reclaim your life & access your quiet, still centre. When you ignore or lose awareness of this part of your being, you lose part of yourself - that part of yourself which is a guiding light, that is inspirational, true & powerful; that which brings a harmonious flow to life. A life enlivened & rewarding, transforming perceived pressures & challenges in a sunny, grounded & relaxed way.

Balance in Being offers you more than just Coaching. The uniqueness of it is that I offer you my 33 years experience in dealing with ‘the human condition’: physically, mentally, emotionally, environmentally & spiritually. Throughout your journey with Balance in Being you will acquire many skills & techniques to take away & use for the rest of your life.

Balance in Being is living with spirit. By bringing awareness of what could be holding you back, it is both empowering & freeing. Simply it is about changing your energy.

Balance in Being comprises four sessions, tailored to suit your needs, your circumstances & your energies. Sessions are face to face, by telephone or a combination of the two. The fee for the four sessions is £240.00. Further sessions may be taken later if wanted. Indeed many clients are now enjoying working with Balance in Being as and when the need arises, for example when certain situations or challenges come up. For these one-off sessions the fee is £65.

Facilities for Skype (free calls) and PayPal (secure online payment)are available.

With Balance in Being you will:-

Sow the seeds for lifelong self-care

Enjoy working with the golden guidelines of natural healthcare: awareness, simplicity, flexibility & change, with love at the very core of it all

Learn how to root yourself, from where you can then build upon, grow & step into wholeness

Experience breathing techniques to unblock or balance vital energy centres, also for general replenishment & centering

Understand what is draining you, then act & resolve these issues

Experience energy work to restore balance & harmony during demanding times, understanding that distress & tension lead to what we call ‘stress’ today

Connect with & respect your body & your body’s needs

Learn many tools & strategies to move you away from what is holding you back
i.e. old memories, habits, thought patterns

Stand tall & stable yet move with fluidity & flexibility mentally, emotionally & physically

Be able to identify & move through changes you want to make with confidence & groundedness

Enjoy creating a lightness of being & feel comfortable being you. As The Buddha said ‘Be your own light’

Learn to simply stop & be

Delight in being kind to your self

Enjoy being encouraged, empowered & supported by me in a relaxed, committed, insightful & holistic way

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I am a Certified Life Coach, Licensed Reverse Therapy Practitioner & Health Coach.
I have a rich and varied background which has included being a Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation Teacher, Massage Therapist, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Feng Shui Consultant. I live with my husband Denis, in a beautiful area on the Shropshire/North Wales border, known as The Marches.

Life & Health Coach
Reverse Therapy Practitioner
Holistic Feng Shui Consultant


Bamboo, as depicted in the Balance in Being logo, is known as one of The Four Friends (or Four Seasons). The others being Wild Orchid depicting the promise of Spring; Chrysanthemum, especially yellow, triumphant in the Autumn, surviving even the first frosts, therefore a symbol of fortitude, success & joy; Plum Blossom, symbol of Winter and the promise of renewal. Bamboo has always been regarded as highly auspicious, representing the season of Summer & symbolising good health & energy, good fortune, longevity, protection & flexibility. A strong & hardy plant, with a sturdy root structure, Bamboo thrives in most types of soil. In Japan this strength was thought to hold the soil together in times of earthquake & in this event people were advised to run into the groves of bamboo. When the wind blows bamboo bends with the flow. It may bend as low as the ground itself but always comes back to its very lovely light, airy & flexible self. Within the robust nature of the bamboo I also feel a fluidity and a magic, just as within ourselves. I see the Bamboo as depicting moving through life with grace, ease & with spirit - something I aspire to and often share this analogy with clients. Sometimes I even recommend they grow some bamboo or put a picture up of it as a delightful reminder of living life with groundedness, flexibility and balance.

Butterfly has long represented transformation, reflecting life's different stages & the various talents (often hidden) that we can call upon during the different phases & cycles of life. Just seeing a butterfly can bring great joy & symbolically can herald a time of abundance and fulfilment as, bloom to bloom, the butterfly sips sweet nectar signifying delights and blessings. If an inner calling asks for change, working with Balance in Being can bring this about in a gentle, harmonious way to suit you, enabling you to find your feet again so that you can step into your true & whole self.


Rise in Tranquility
Walk in Peace
Stay in Harmony - Japanese Haiku

‘Our life is momentary and, at the same time, each moment includes its own past and future. In this way, our momentary and eternal life will continue. This is how we actually live our everyday life, how we enjoy our everyday life, and how we have freedom from difficulties’ - Shunryu Suzuki (1905 - 1971)

‘You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection’ - Gautama Buddha

'Return to your life moment by moment, and everything you need will find its way to you' - Sengtsan

'When we are the most overwhelmed, we are the least resourceful' - Anthony Robbins

'Don't wait. The time will never be just right' - Napoleon Hill